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"Fabio Longo Angels"


March, 2009

Fabio Longo Angels

04 March, 2009

Everybody would know if we have seen the market bottom or if we are still far from the target. Any financial site, newspaper and blog give you the response you are searching today. Mainly I believe we don't get it. We have to wait up to 11 March to be sure what we see is really the bottom of the Nightmare. Maybe we’ll see another one. So I have a time driven approach to market movements, not price driven as I cannot run any predictive solution to provide an accurate forecast on the final target price. Is it 13700 SPMIB or 13000 or 11000 or 9000 ? I don’t know the number of index but I suppose what we see is not yet the bottom.


Meanwhile I met 2 angles in the road: Ted and Simonetta.


The first one is an old guy from London. Never I’ve seen a so great solidarity and bounty in people extraneous to my life. It is an Angel, cannot be something else. He did OpuScribo customization to run on in the security environment of my Application Service Provider where I run this site. It works. No word to describe how much it was precious for me.


Simonetta is another over 50, from Italy. So young in the spirit and wonderful in the body she provided me the human support, courage and trust in my trading capabilities just when I needed, everyday, unsolicited support instead having the usual dozen of email requesting for stock picking and market forecast. Another Angel I found in my road.



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